Horse Shows in 2016

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BRITISH NATIONAL FOAL OF THE YEAR SHOW At Solihull on Sunday 28th Novemebr 2016

Ring – 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ring – 2

NORTH WEST CHAMPIONSHIPS At Croft Top Every week-End During October 2016

Saturday 1st October and Sunday 2nd October

Saturday Daytime~~~~~~~Saturday Evening~~~~~~~Sunday Daytime~~~~~~~Sunday Evening

Saturday 8th October and Sunday 9th October

Saturday Daytime~~~~~~~Saturday Evening~~~~~~~Sunday Daytime~~~~~~~Sunday Evening

Saturday 15th October and Sunday 16th October

Saturday Daytime~~~~~~~Saturday Evening~~~~~~~Sunday Daytime~~~~~~~Sunday Evening

Saturday 22nd October and Sunday 23rd October

Saturday Daytime~~~~~~~Saturday Evening~~~~~~~Sunday Daytime~~~~~~~Sunday Evening

Saturday 29th October and Sunday 30th October

Saturday Daytime~~~~~~~Saturday Evening~~~~~~~Sunday Daytime (Show Jumping and Puisance)

SHOWING WORLD AWARDS 2016 Click Here to View all The Award Pictures

BSPS Heritage Championships at Arena UK on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October 2016

Saturday 15thOliver Burchall Ring (Olympia)~~~~Challinor Ring (Blue Riband Heritage Ridden)

KMP Ring (Heritage Res. Ridden/Young Riders)~~~~~~~Darlington Ring (WHP/Sports Pony WHP)

Firle Stud Ring (Heritage Novice/Open WHP)~~~~Indoor Ring~~~~Saturday Evening Performance

Sunday 16thOliver Burchall (Olympia Breed/RIHS 2017)~~~~~Indoor Ring (Supreme Of Show)

KMP Ring (RIHS 2017 PP/Heritage Young Riders)~~~~~~~Challinor Ring (Olympia Breed Qualifiers)

Firle Stud (Blue Riband/Restricted WHP)~~~~~~~Darlington Ring (Performance WHP/Junior Riders)

THE BSHA National Championships at Addington E.C. – Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th September

Thursday 8th – The Hunter Championships

Carrs BMW (Indoor)~~~~~Underwood (HOYS)~~~~~Fidelity (Working Hunters)~~~~~Evening Performance

Friday 9thEvening Performance~~~ Carrs BMW (Indoor)~~Underwood (All Weather)~~Fidelity (Workers)

Susca (Lge/Sm Hack)~~Hamilton (Cobs/RH/Yng Riders)~~Deanwater (Pairs:Nov. Maxi:Mature Riders/HOYS)

Saturday 10thEvening Performance~~Carrs BMW (Indoor-Am HP)~~Underwood (HOYS Hacks/RH/Cob)

Fidelity (Small Outdoor)~~~Susca (Res.RH/Hack)~~Hamilton (Yng RH/Cob/ROR etc)~~Deanwater (In-Hand)

Sunday 11th (In-Hand Championships)Carrs BMW (In-Hand RP/SHP/Reg. P-Breds Welsh/Arab)

Underwood A (In-Hand Welsh)~~~Underwood B (Sports Horse/Hunter/Coloured)~~~Fidelity (In-Hand M&M)

NCPA Pony Of The Year Show at Warren Farm on Sunday 4th September 2016

In-Hand Rings~~~Ring – 1 (Welsh A,B,C,D)~~~Ring – 2 (M&M)~~~~Ring – 3~~~Ring 4 (Hack/RH/ROR etc)

Ring – 5 (Hunters/Cobs/RH/Hack/Comp/SS/ROR)~~~~~~Ring – 6 (M&M Ridden)~~~~~~Ring – 8 (WHP)

Ring – 9 (Non M&M/Arab/PBA/Col./Veteran/LR/FR/Championships/Chairmans Cup/Gold In-Hand/SUPREME)

CHAPS CHAMPIONSHIPS Wednesday 31st Aug to Sunday 3rd Sept – Over 30,000 images Click Here

Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show on Sunday 28th and Monday 29th August 2016

Sunday 28thMain Arena~~~~~~~~~Ring – 3~~~~~~~~~Ring – 4~~~~~~~~~Ring – 5~~~~~~~~~Ring – 6

Monday 29thMain Arena~~~~~~~~~Ring – 3~~~~~~~~~Ring – 4~~~~~~~~~Ring – 5~~~~~~~~~Ring – 6

BSPS 47th Summer Championships Over 45,000 photographs to view for 2016 – Click Here

EQUIFEST EXTRAVAGANZA Over 90,000 photographs to view for 2016 – Click Here

ROYAL LONDON SHOW at Onley Polo Club on, Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th August 2016

Thursday 11thRing 3~~~~Ring 4~~~~Ring 5~~~Ring 6~~~Ring 8~~~Ring 9~~~Evening Performance

Friday 12th

Ring 1~~~Ring 2~~~Ring 3~~Ring 4~~Ring 5~~Ring 6~~Ring 7~~Ring 8~~Ring 9~~Evening Performance

Saturday 13th

Ring 1~~~Ring 2~~~Ring 3~~Ring 4~~Ring 5~~Ring 6~~Ring 7~~Ring 8~~Ring 9~~Evening Performance

Sunday 14th

Ring 1~~~Ring 2~~~Ring 3~~Ring 4~~Ring 5~~Ring 6~~Ring 7~~Ring 8~~Ring 9~~Evening Performance


THE FESTIVAL OF HUNTING At Peterborough Showground on Wednesday 20th July 2016

Ring – 1(Hunters/Amateurs & HOYS)~~~Ring – 2~~~~~Ring – 3 (In-Hand)~~~~~Ring – 4 (Working Hunter)

BD N.W. REGIONAL FINALS at Somerford Park on Saturday 16th to Monday 18th July 2016

Saturday 16thArena 1 (Nov. Gold/Silv)~~~Arena 2 (Nov. Silv)~~~Arena 3 (1A/1B Pre Lim)~~~Presentations

Sunday 17thArena 1 (Med. Silv)~Arena 2 (Elem Silv/Med. Gold)~Arena 3 (Elem Silv/Gold)~Presentations

Monday 18thArena 1 (PSG/Int 1)~~~Arena 2 (Ad Med Gold)~~~Extra Arena 2~~~Arena 3 (Ad Med Silv)

KENT COUNTY SHOW at Kent County ShowGround on Friday 8th to Sunday 10th July 2016

Friday 8thAstor (Main) Arena~~~~~~Standen Ring~~~~~~West Ring~~~~~~~Pam Nesfield Ring

Saturday 9thAstor Arena (Nov/LWT Hunter:Cuddy)~Standen Ring (In-Hand Welsh C/D:Ridden Hunters)

Nesfield South End (In-Hand Welsh B/Dales/Fells M&M Ridden)~~~~~~~Nesfield North (In-Hand Shetlands)

West Ring East End (In-Hand Conn/NF/Dart/Exm)~~~~~~~~West Ring West End (In-Hand Welsh Section A)

Sunday 10thAstor (Main) Arena~~~~~~Standen Ring~~~~~~West Ring~~~~~~Pam Nesfield Ring

EQUIFESTIVAL at Mullingar Equestrian Centre on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July 2016

Saturday 2ndRing 1~~~~Ring 2~~~~~Ring 3 (Hack/Arabs/Cobs etc)~~~~~Ring 4 (Hunters/ROR/P Breds)

Working Hunter~~~~~International Grass Ring (Performance Hunter/RIHS WH)~~~~Evening Performance

Sunday 3rdShow Jumping~~~~Showing Ring~~~Dressage~~~Working Hunter~~~Evening Performance

THE ROYAL NORFOLK SHOW : Norfolk Showground : Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th June 2016

Wednesday 29thGrand Ring (Cobs:Norfolk Trial)~~~~Waveney Ring (Arabs/Veterans)~~~~Glaven Ring

Wensum Ring (Haflingers/Driving)~~~Light Horse Ring (Skew/Piebalds)~~~Ivan Cooke Ring (Heavy Horse)

Thursday 30thWensum A (Ridden M&M)~~~Wensum B (In-Hand M&M/Ridden Supreme)~~~Ivan Cooke

Glaven Ring (Shetlands/Donkeys)~~~Light Horse (Hunters/ROR/Cuddy)~~~Waveney Ring (M&M Non Welsh)

AINTREE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS : Aintree Racecourse : Saturday 25th/Sunday 26th June 2016

Saturday 25thRing 1 (In-Hand Hunters etc)~~~~~Ring 2 (Cobs/Hacks/RH)~~~~~Ring 3 (Novice/Int WH)

Ring 4 (WH)~~~~~Ring 5 (In-Hand ROR/Ex Jumper etc)~~~~~Ring 6 (Side-Saddle)~~~~~Ring 7 (Coloureds)

Ring 8 (Traditional Gypsy Cob Association)~~~~~Ring 9 (In-Hand)~~~~~Ring 10~~~~~Evening Performance

Sunday 26thRing 1 (P-Breds/SP/SH)~~~~~Ring 2 (Ridden Heritage)~~~~~Ring 3 (WHP Novice etc)

Ring 4 (Workers)~~~~~Ring 5 (ROR/TARRA)~~~~~Ring 6 (Side-Saddle etc)~~~~Ring 7 (Senior Showing)

Ring 8 (Bright Stars/Heavy Horses)~~~~~~Ring 9 (Driving)~~~~~~Dogs~~~~~~Sunday Evening Performance

THE ROYAL CHESHIRE COUNTY SHOW : Tabley Park : Tuesday 21st / Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Tuesday 21stRing 2~~~Ring 3~~~Ring 4 (WHP)~~~Ring 5~~~Ring 6 ~~~Ring 8 (Arabs Ridden/In-Hand)

Wednesday 22ndRing 2~~~~Ring 3~~~Ring 4 (Gold Cup)~~~Ring 5~~~Ring 6~~~~Ring 8 (HOYS M&M)

MIDLAND COUNTIES HORSE SHOW at Arena UK on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June 2016

Saturday 4thRing 1(Workers)~~Ring – 2~~~Ring – 3~~~Ring – 4~~~Ring – 5(& Cuddy)~~Ring 6 (Indoor)

Sunday 5thRing 1 (Working Hunter)~~~~Ring – 2~~~Ring – 3~~~Ring – 4~~~Ring 5(Indoor)~~~Ring – 6

YORKSHIRE SPORTS HORSE Summer Show at Barrowby Showground 1st June 2016

In-Hand~~~~~Working Hunter~~~~~Ring 1 (Ridden Hunters etc)~~~~~Ring 3~~~~~Ring 5 (Young Eventers)

WARRINGTON HORSE SHOW at Tabley Park on Monday 30th May 2016

Working Hunter Classes~~~~~~Ring 1 (Ridden Hunters etc)~~~~~~Ring 2A~~~~~~Ring 2B~~~~~Ring 2C

Ring 3 (Coloureds/Ridden M&M)~~~~~Ring 4 (World Breeds/Equitation)~~~~~Ring 5 (SP/SH)~~~~~Ring 7

BRITISH SHOWING CHAMPIONSHIPS At Bold Heath On Saturday 28th May 2016

Arena A (In-Hand Classes)~~~~~~Arena B (Ridden)~~~~~~Arena C (Ridden)~~~~~~Evening Performance

AYR COUNTY SHOW on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th May 2016 at Ayr Racecourse

Friday 13thCarriage Driving~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Working Hunter Classes

Saturday 14thRing – 1~~~~~~~~~~Ring – 2~~~~~~~~~~Ring – 3~~~~~~~~~Working Hunter Classes

BSPS AREA 10 at Shrewsbury Showground on Saturday 7th May 2016

Working Hunter~~~~Ring – 2~~~Ring – 3~~~~Ring – 4~~~Ring – 5~~~~Ring – 6~~~~Ring – 7~~~~Ring – 8

BSPS AREA 2A SPRING SHOW (Cheshire Premiere) at Warren Farm on Sunday 1st May 2016

Allweather Surfaces (Ring 1 ~~~~Ring 2)~~~~Ring – 3~~~~Ring – 4 (Indoors)~~~~Ring – 5~~~~Ring – 6

BSPS AREA 1B SPRING SHOW at Westmoreland Showground on Saturday 30th April 2016

Ring – 1~~~~~~~~Ring – 2~~~~~~~~Ring – 3~~~~~~~~Ring – 4~~~~~~~~Ring – 5~~~~~~~~Ring – 6

NCPA CHESHIRE SPRING SHOW at Kelsall Hill Farm on Saturday 23rd April 2016

Working Hunter Ring (Plus Supreme of Show)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ring – 2 (RIHS Qualifiers/Show Classes)

CHAPS SPRING FESTIVAL Week-End at Southview Equestrian Centre on 9th and 10th April 2016

Saturday 9thINDOOR Ring 1~~~~INDOOR RingĀ  2~~~~OUTDOOR Ring 3~~~~OUTDOOR Ring 4

Saturday Evening Performance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sunday 10thCHAPS GRADING

NPS SPRING FESTIVAL at Addington Equestrian Centre on Sunday 10th April 2016

Main Indoor Ring (HOYS Qualifiers)~~~~~Small Indoor Ring (RIHS Ridden etc)~~~~~Working Hunter

Outdoor Ring B (Open/Novice/Home Prod + In-Hand)~~~~~Outdoor Ring C (Int/Young Riders/LR/FR)

NPS DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS at Addington on Saturday 9th April 2016

Main Indoor Arena (Presentations etc)~~~~~~OUTDOORS (Arena 2~~~~~~Arena 3~~~~~~Arena 4)

BSPS 38th Winter Championships at Arena UK on Friday 25th to Sunday 27th March 2016

Friday 25thVale UK (Indoor)~~~Rosettes Direct (RIHS Heritage Ridden)~~~~~Emmerson (RIHS SP)

Carrs BMW (RIHS Heritage LR/FR)~~~~Oakhills (RIHS Int SRT/SH)~~~~~Team Wood (Gold Cup WSP)

Black Country Saddles (RIHS WHP/Nursery Stakes)~~~~~~~~~~~Friday Evening Performance (Gold Cup)

Saturday 26thVale UK(Indoor)~~~Rosettes(RIHS Int SRT/LR/FR)~~~Emmerson(RIHS Int SRT/LR/FR)

Carrs BMW (RIHS Heritage Open Ridden)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oakhills (RIHS SHP/Prelim Winter Novice SHP)

Team Wood (RIHS WHP/PreLim Wint. Hertge Nov. WHP)~~~Black Country (Prelim Wint. Nov.WHP)

Saturday Evening Performance (Various Class Presentations and Championships)

Sunday 27thVale UK(Indoors)~~~~~~~~Rosettes Direct(RIHS PP SHP/RIHS Heritage PP LR/FR)

Emmerson(Heritage Restr.Ridden)~~~~Oakhills(Wint.Restr.SP)~~~~Black Country(Wint.Restr.WHP)

Team Wood(RIHS Nursery Stakes/Wint. Hertge Restr.WHP)~~~~~~~Carrs BMW(CHAPS/Coloureds)

The PONIES UK Winter Championships at Bury Farm 18th to 20th March 2016

Friday 18thBronze (Indoor Ring)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brown (Working Hunter Ring)

Gold (Main Indoor)~~~~~~Gold B Ring (In-Hand Silver Medal)~~~~~~Friday Evening Performance

Saturday 19thBronze Ring (Small Indoor)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Silver Ring (All Weather Outdoor)

Brown Ring (Working Hunter)~~~~~~Gold Ring (Main Indoor)~~~~~~Saturday Evening Performance

Sunday 20thGold Ring(Main Indoor)~~~Silver Ring~~~Bronze Ring~~~Brown Ring(Working Hunter)

NCPA SPRING SPECTACULAR at Southview EC on Saturday 19th March 2016

Ring – 1 (Working Hunter)~~~~~~~~Ring – 2~~~~~~~~~Ring – 3~~~~~~~~Saturday Evening Performance

BSPS 2A WINTER SHOW at Southview Equestrian Centre on Sunday 28th February 2016

Indoor Ring-1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Indoor Ring-2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Working Hunter Classes

EQUINE BONANZA SHOW at Croft Top on Sunday 21st February 2016

Small Indoor Ring (Novelty Classes)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Large Indoor Ring

North East Lancashire Riding Club Sunday 14th February 2016 at Croft Top E.C.

Main Indoor Ring (In-Hand/Ridden Classes)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Small Indoor Ring(In-Hand Classes)

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