NPS Champs 2015

THE 109th NPS Summer Championships

at Three Counties Showground

Tuesday 4th to Thursday 6th August 2015

Tuesday 4th August 2015

Grand Ring A – M&M Ridden (A&B/Exmoor/Shetland/Dartmoor/Fells/Dales/Highlands/ C&D)

Grand Ring B - Childrens Riding Pony Of The Year (HOYS)

Ledbury RingIntermediate Ridden M&M : Novice Ridden M&M : Amateur Ridden

Ring 1Anglo and P/Bred Ridden : (HOYS) LR Of Hunter Type/SHP/M&M LR/FR : Side-Saddle

Ring 2AJunior (Open M&M/Side-Saddle:Handler/Novice M&M/Mis-Match Pairs/M&M LR&FR)

Ring 2BJunior (Ridden Open M&M/Handler/Novice M&M/SP/SHP LR&FR/SP/SHP)

Ring 3M&M Young Ridden/M&M Junior Ridden/M&M In-Hand

Ring 4ASP/SHP LR&FR (Also Tiny Tots)/ Novice SP/SHP : Open SP/SHP : Plaited FR/LR (HOYS)

Ring 4BNovice (SP/SHP LR&FR : M&M LR&FR) : Open M&M LR&FR

Ring 5Event Pony / Style and Performance / Utility Pony

Ring 6Novice M&M WHP / Open M&M WHP / M&M Intermediate WHP

Ring 7M&M Junior Ridden WHP/ M&M First Ridden WHP / M&M and Plaited Training Stakes

Tuesday Evening Performance -

Wednesday 5th August 2015

Grand Ring A(HOYS) Ridden (Welsh A/Welsh B/Dart/Exm/Welsh C/Welsh D) : M&M In-Hand

Grand Ring B - (HOYS) Ridden (NF/Connemara/Dales/Highlands/Shetlands/Fell) : Championship

Ledbury Ring - In-Hand (Hack/Riding Horse : Ottergayle Pre-Judge : Anglo/PBA) : Concours

Ring 1HOYS (P/Bred Pony / Int. SHT / Int. SRT ) : Intermediate M&M Ridden

Ring 2AIn-Hand (Welsh P/Bred :Home Prod. SHP/SHP Breeding/P-Bred /Cuddy Pre-Judge)

Ring 2BIn-Hand (Home Prod SP/Novice SP/SP Broodmare/SP Youngstock/Slver Medal)

Ring 3Open M&M LR&FR/Tiny Tots M&M LR&FR/CHAPS Ridden/Open SP/SHP

Ring 4AIn-Hand (M&M Home Prod/Dales/Welsh C&D/Fell/Connemara/Highlands/CHAPS)

Ring 4BIn-Hand (Shetlands/Exmoors/Dartmoors/New Forest/ Welsh A/Welsh B)

Ring 5Sports Pony In-Hand/50+ Riders

Ring 6M&M Intermediate Working Hunter Pony/Open Plaited WHP (HOYS)/Open Plaited WHP

Ring 7M&M Junior Ridden WHP : Open Plaited WHP / Novice M&M WHP / British Isles WHP

Wednesday Evening Performance

Thursday 6th August 2015

Grand Ring A NPS Picton (Welsh A/Welsh B/Exmoor/Shetlands/Darmoors) :Young Riders

Grand Ring B - NPS Picton Novice Final (Conn/Dales/Fell/NF/Welsh C/Welsh D/Highlands)

Ledbury RingMixed M&M Open Ridden (Stallions/Mare/Gelding) : Mixed M&M In-Hand

Ring 1NPS/Ringside Stud Open M&M Ridden : British Isles Supreme Ridden

Ring 2A - Young Handler:SHP Silver Medal:In-Hand (SHP&Home Prod SHP/ Junior M&M/Silver Medal)

Ring 2BIn-Hand (Home Prod M&M/M&M In-Hand : NPS Area 20 SP: NPS Area XI British Isles)

Ring 3World Breeds In-Hand / Traditional Gypsy Cob / World Breeds Ridden

Ring 4NPS/Rosettes Direct (Home Prod M&M Ridden : Home Prod Ridden)

Ring 5NPS Rosettes Direct ( Home Prod Lead Rein and First Ridden and Open Finals)

Ring 6HOYS (M&M Working Hunter Pony of The Year)

Ring 7NPS/Stevenson Brothers First Ridden WHP : NPS Open M&M WHP

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