46th BSPS Summer

The BSPS International Team Championships and 46th Summer Championships

At Arena UK On 25th to 29th August 2015

Tuesday 25th (Where It all Begins)~~~Please Click Blue Wording

International Team Pictures ~~~~~~~Indoor Dressage~~~~~~~Evening Shows and Presentations

Wednesday 26th (Now the Show Hots Up!)

Topspec Indoor Daytime - Champion Of Champions SP/SHP/LR/FR

Ring 2 - International Team Show Jumping

Ring 3Novice WHP : Summer Heritage Open WHP :Novice Inter. WH

Ring 4Anthony Evans Performance Gold Cup : Advanced Nursery Stakes

Ring 5Pretty Polly Cradle/Nursery Stakes : WHP : Inter WH

Ring 6 - Open Ridden M&M : Champ Of Champs Inter/and Novice Inter SH/SRT

Ring 7 - Pretty Polly SP/SHP : Novice LR/FR : Open LR Hunter Type

Ring 8 - Pretty Polly LR(Hunter) : Tiny Tots LR/FR : Pretty Polly Heritage M&M

Ring 9 - P.P. Inter SH/SRT : Summer Heritage FR/LR : Heritage Novice/P.P. LR/FR :

Ring 10 - Novice SHP/SP : Heritage Novice Welsh A/B/C/D/NF/Connemara

Wednesday Evening Performance

Thursday 27th (Gold Cup Day!!)

Topspec Indoor Daytime - Blue Riband Inter SH/SR : John Peel Blue Riband

Ring 2 Open Inter WH : Open WHP : Champ Of Champs Nursery/Cradle Stakes

Ring 3Open Nursery/Cradle Stakes : Blue Riband LR : Restr.Inter WH/WHP

Ring 4Heritage Novice WHP : Heritage Cradle/Nursery : Training Stakes

Ring 5Heritage P.P Cradle/Nursery : Restr. Cradle/Nursery : Heritage Restr.WHP

Ring 6 Heritage Young Riders : Blue Chip Native Heritage Open : HOYS Arabs/P/Breds

Ring 7 - Restr. SP/SHP : Heritage Tiny Tots LR/FR : Restr.LR of Hunter Type/Pony SHT

Ring 8 - Heritage Restr.LR/FR : Heritage Restr. Ridden M%M : Restr. FR/LR

Ring 9 - Young Inter.SRT/SH:Restr Small/Large Inter:Heritage Open LR/FR HOYS Inter SRT

Ring 10 - Novice LR Hunter Type : Free Style Classes (LR/FR etc) : Young SH Pony

Dog-Show (Including Fancy Dress)~~~Dog Agility~~~Thursday Gold Cup Show Jumping

Friday 28th (The Heat is on!!!)

Topspec Indoor Daytime - Blue Riband Inter SR/Show Pony/SHP/FR/LR Stage 2

Ring 2 - HOYS Intermediate Show Horse : HOYS Working Hunter Pony

Ring 3 - Premier League RED Div. Intermediate WH : RED Div WHP

Ring 4HOYS LR Of Hunter Type : Challenge Heritage WHP : Challenge WHP

Ring 5Challenge Cradle/Nursery : Prem.Leag.Heritage RED WHP:Heritage PP WHP

Ring 6Open LR/FR : Challenge SHP/Inter SH : Small Hunter : Inter Show Hunter

Ring 7Open Show Hunter Pony : Challenge Show Pony/Lead Rein/First Ridden

Ring 8Challenge Heritage Ridden Large/C&D/Small/NF/Conn : Open Ridden Show Pony

Ring 9HOYS – (P/Bred Pony:Large/Small RH:Small/Large Hack) : Open Int SRT/SH

Ring 10WOW Factor Heritage Ridden : P/Bred Show Pony & Show Hunter

Ring 11 -Challenge LR Hunter Type : Challenge Heritage LR/FR

Friday Evening Performance

Saturday 29th (The Party Is nearly over!!!)

Topspec Indoor DaytimeHOYS Childrens Riding Pony : HOYS Show Hunter Pony

Ring 2The Leavesley Group Desert Orchid Blue Riband WHP (153cms/143 cms/133 cms) Phase 1

Ring 3Premier Leag.Blue Div WHP/Inter.WH : WOW Factor Heritage WHP

Ring 4Heritage Nursery/Cradle : Prem Leag Blue Div Nursery/Cradle : Blue/Red LR Hunter Type

Ring 5Premier League BLUE Division WHP : Heritage Junior Riders WHP : Bright Stars WHP

Ring 6Prem.Leag.BLUE Div.LR/FR : Prem.Leag BLUE Div Heritage LR/FR/M&M:RED Div Inter SR/SH

Ring 8RED Division LR/FR : BLUE Division Show Pony : BLUE Division Show Hunter Pony

Ring 9RED Division Show Hunter Pony Phase 1: BLUE Division Show Pony/Show Hunter Pony Phase 1

Ring 10RED Division Heritage LR/FR/Small/A&B/Large/C&D : BLUE Div.Interm.SR/SH : HOYS FR/LR

Ring 11Best Rider : Bright Stars Best Rider : Tiny Tots Ridden Pony : Little Stars

Saturday Evening Performance

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