STARS Champions

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STARS Champions Of Champions

At Aintree Racecourse

Friday 18th October to Sunday 20th October 2019

Special Stars Team Photo. Please Click Here to View all the Stewards and Judges pictures from the week-end.

FRIDAY 18th October 2019

Class 1A/1B (Working Hunter Pony)~~~Class 2 (Working Hunter)~~~Class 3A/3B (M&M Working Hunter)

Class 4 (Lead Rein Equitation)~~~~~~Class 5 (First Ridden Equitation)~~~~~~Class 6 ( Junior Equitation)

Class 7 (Senior Equitation)~~~~~~~~Class 8 (Riding Club Pony)~~~~~~~~~~Class 9 (Riding Club Horse)

Lisha Leeman Supreme

SATURDAY 19th October 2019

Class 10 (Best Turned Out)~~~~~Class 11 (Plaited Lead Rein Pony)~~~~~~Class 12 (Plaited First Ridden)

Class 13 (M&M Lead Rein)~~~~~~~~Class 14 ( M&M First Ridden)~~~~~~~Class 15 (Ridden Cob Final)

Class 16 (Ridden Veteran Final)~~~~~~Class 17 (Ridden Show Pony)~~~~~Class 18 (Ridden Show Horse)

Class 19 (Ridden Show Hunter Pony Final)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Class 20 (Ridden Hunter Horse Final)

Class 21 (Ridden Plaited Coloured)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Class 22 (Ridden Native,Cob,Traditional Coloured)

Lisha Leeman Special Award SUPREME

SUNDAY 20th October 2019

Class 23 (M&M Small Breeds Ridden)~Class 24 (M&M Large Breeds Ridden)~Class 25 (Tiny Tots Handler)

Class 26 (Junior Handler Final)~~~~Class 27 (Young Handler Final)~~~~Class 28 (Youngstock Final)

Class 29 (In-Hand Plaited Pony)~Class 30 (In-Hand Plaited Horse)~Class 31 (In-Hand M&M Small Breeds)

Class 32 (In-Hand M&M Large Breeds)~Class 33 (In-Hand Veteran)~Class 34 (In-Hand Coloured Pony)

Class 35 (In-Hand Coloured Horse)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lisha Leeman Special Award SUPREME

The STARS Riding Club Of The Year SUPREME IN-HAND Championship

The STARS Riding Club Of The Year SUPREME RIDDEN Championship

The STARS Riding Club Of The Year SUPREME TEAM Presentation