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Festival Of Hunting at Peterborough Showground on Wednesday 18th July 2018

Ring 1 (HOYS Hunters etc)~~~Ring 2 (HOYS Coloureds etc)~~~Ring 3 (In-Hand/Hacks)~~~Working Hunters

B D Regional Finals At Somerford Park on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July 2018

Saturday 14thArena 1~~~~~Arena 2~~~~~Arena 3~~~~~Presentations

Sunday 15thArena 1~~~~~Arena 2~~~~~Presentations

KENT COUNTY SHOW At Detling on Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July 2018

Friday 6thAstor Ring (Working Hunter/Hacks)~~~~~~~Nesfield Ring (Hacks/Anglo Arabs/SP/Coloureds)

John Standen Ring (Hacks/RH/Arabs/Hackneys/P-Driving)~~~~~~West Ring (In-Hand Classes/Sports Horse)

Saturday 7th - Astor (Hunters/S-Saddle/Cuddy)~~~~~Standen (Welsh C&D/M&M Workers/Show Jumping)

Nesfield North (Shetlands)~~~Nesfield South (Welsh B/Dales/Fells/High)~~~Nesfield Full (M&M/BSPS Open)

West West (Welsh A/NF)~~~~West East (Conn/Dart/Exm)~~~~West Full (Hunters/Trad Welsh/Int SHT/SRT)

Sunday 8thAstor (Ridden Heavy Hrse/Inter Hunt/Shire Champs)~~~ John Standen ( Showjumping/Shires)

Nesfield Ring (Childs Riding Pony/Miniatures/SHP)~~~~West Ring (Senior/Cobs/RoR/FR&LR)

EQUIFESTIVAL SHOW At Mullingar (Near Dublin) on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July 2018

Saturday 30thRing 1 (M&M/SHP/SP/LR&FR)~~~Ring 2 (Workers)~~~Ring 3 (Cobs/S-Saddle/Colours etc)

Ring 4 (P-Bred/Int/RH/Hack/RoR ec)~~~Ring 5 (Ridden /RIHS Hunters)~~~Saturday Evening Performance

Sunday 1stRing 1(Dressage)~Ring 2(WHP)~Ring 3(Showjump)~Ring 4(Showing)~Evening Performance

ROYAL NORFOLK SHOW At The Norfolk Showground on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th June 2018

Wednesday 27thIvan Cooke (Haflingrs/Shires/SH/Irish Dr)~~~Glaven (In-Hand Hunters/Hacks/RH/SHP)

Wensum(HOYS Hvy/RH:Prvt Driv:TGCA)~~Waveney(Arabs:Vetrns)~~Grand(Cobs)~~Light Horse(Pie/Skew)

Thursday 28thIvan Cooke (Hvy/Rescue)~~Wensum A (HOYS M&M/Ridden Supreme)~~Glaven(Donkeys)

Wensum B (In-Hand Welsh/HOYS Hunters)~~Light Horse (HOYS Hunters/WH/ROR/CUDDY)~~~~Waveney

AINTREE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS РAintree Racecourse  : Saturday 23rd/Sunday 24th June 2018

Saturday 23rdRing 1 (Hunters/Sp Horse)~~Ring 2 (Cobs/Hacks/RH)~~Ring 5 (ReTrained Racehorse)

Ring 6 (Irish Dr/S-Saddle)~~Ring 7 (Coloured/HOYS Colours)~~Ring 8 (TGCA)~~Ring 9 (In-Hand Welsh etc)

Sunday 24thRing 1 (P/Breds:SP:SHP)~~~~Ring 2 (Heritage)~~~~Ring 5 (ReTrained Racehorse)

Ring 6 (S-Saddle)~~Ring 7 (Olympia Snrs)~~Ring 8 (Arabs)~~Ring 9 (Shetlnds)~~Evening Performance

ROYAL CHESHIRE SHOW At Tabley Park On Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th June 2018

Tuesday 19thRing 2 (Hunters/S-Saddle)~~~Ring 3 (Hacks/RH)~~~Ring 4 (M&M/Novice M&M WHP)

Ring 5 (Cobs/P-Breds/Ridden Arabs)~~~Ring 6 (Workers/Gold Cup)~~~Ring 8 (In-Hand/Ridden Arabs)

Wednesday 20thRing 2 (SHP/M&M Sm/Lge)~~~Ring 3 (SRT Int/LR&FR/SP)~~~Ring 4 (Open WHP)

Ring 5 (Novice M&M inc LR/FR)~~~Ring 6 (Cradle/Nursery Novice WHP)~~~Ring 8 (HOYS Open M&M)

MIDLAND COUNTIES SHOW At Arena UK On Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th June 2018

Saturday 3rdWorking Hunter Ring~~~~Ring 2 (HOYS Hunters)~~~~Ring 3 (In-Hand Welsh A,B,C,D)

Ring 4 (In-Hand)~~~Ring 5 (In-Hand M&M/Hunter/Shetlands etc)~~~Indoor Ring 6 (ROR/BSHA-RIHS)

Sunday 4th - Ring 1 (Working Hunter)~~~~Ring 2 (HOYS M&M)~~~~Ring 3 (HOYS ISRT/ISHT/SHP)

Ring 4 (HOYS LR/FR)~~~~Indoor Ring 5 (HOYS Coloureds)~~~~Ring 6 (BSPS Heritage/RIHS (PUK))

YORKSHIRE SPORTS HORSE SHOW At Barrowby On Wednesday 30th May 2018

Ring 1 (HOYS Hunters)~~~Ring 2 (Sports Horse/WH)~~~Ring 3 (In-Hand)~~~Ring 4 (Event Horse)

WARRINGTON HORSE SHOW At Tabley Park, On Monday 28th May 2018

Ring 1 – ( SH/SHP/SP)~~~ In-Hand (Ring 2A -Welsh A,B/P-Bred/S-S ~~~Ring 2B -Welsh C,D/Equitation)

Ring 2C (Shetlands etc)~~~Ring 3 – (Coloreds:M&M)~~~Working Hunter~~~Ring 4 – (ROR/Hacks/RH/Cobs)

BSPS Area 2A (Cheshire Premiere) Spring Show at Somerford Park on Sunday 6th May 2018

Ring 1 (Black Country) – RIHS SP/Novice SP~~~~~Ring 2 (Brindlebrook) – RIHS SHP/SRT Novice SHP

Ring 3 (Team Moore) – RIHS M&M/PP/Skew&Pie~~~Ring 4 (Walker ShowTeam) – RIHS Cobs/Hunters

Ring 5 (Deanwater Hotel) – RIHS Open WHP/Nursery/WH~~~~~Ring 6 (Noble Working Hunter Ring)

BSPS Area 1B Spring Show at Kendal on Saturday 5th May 2018

Ring 1 – RIHS (SP/SHP)~~~~~Ring 2 – RIHS (SHP/SRT PP Heritage)~~~~~Ring 3 – Heritage M&M

Ring 4 – Working Hunter~~~~~Ring 5 – RIHS WHP:Open M&M~~~~~Ring 6 – R H/Cobs/Hacks

NPS Spring Festival at Vale View Equestrian Centre on Sunday 8th April 2018

Indoor Ring 1 (HOYS)~~~Indoor Ring 2~~~~Outdoor 3 (In-Hand)~~~Outdoor 4~~~Working Hunter

BSPS WINTER SHOW At Arena UK on Friday 3oth March to Sunday 1st April 2018

Friday 30thDressage Arena’s (Arena 1~~~Arena 2~~~Arena 3~~~Arena 4)~~~Snuggy Hoods Indoor

Team Wood (Gold Cup WSP)~~~Black Country (RIHS WHP etc)~~~Darlington Ring (RIHS Int SH/SRT)

Rosettes Direct (RIHS Heritage Ridden)~~~Emmersons Ring(RIHS SP)~~~Lincs Forage (RIHS FR/LR)

Friday Evening Gold Cup Show Jumping and Presentations

Saturday 31stTeam Wood (RIHS WHP/Prelim WHP)~~~Black Country (Pre-Lim Winter Nov WHP)

Snuggy Hoods Indoor~~~Team Darlington (RIHS SHP/PP)~~~Rosettes Direct (RIHS SRT/LR&FR/PP)

Emmersons Ring (RIHS SP/Wint Nov SP)~~~Lincs Forage (RIHS Hertge Open)~~~Evening Performance

Sunday 1st AprilSnuggy Hoods Indoor (SHP/WSP Supreme)~~~Team Wood (Winter Heritage Rest WHP)

Black Country (Wint Rest.WHP)~~~Darlington (FR/LR : Wint.Rest SP/Part Bred)~~~Rosettes Direct (RIHS PP)

Emmerson Team (Heritage Rest. Ridden/PUK Young Riders)~~~~Lincs Forage Ring (CHAPS:HOYS CHAPS)

Ponies UK Spring Classic at College EC Keysoe (Saturday 24th/Sunday 25th March 2018)

Saturday 24th – Indoor Ring 1 (RIHS/Hunters/Hacks etc)~~~~~Indoor Ring 2 (Miniatures/SP/SHP/LR/FR)

Outdoor Ring 3 (In-Hand/SSADL&M&M Ridden)~~~Working Hunter~~~Saturday Evening Performance

Sunday 25thIndoor Ring 1 (RIHS Qualifiers/ROR)~~~~Indoor Ring 2 (Equit/4,5,6 yr M&M/Novices/LR/FR)

Outdoor Ring 3(Novice Hacks/RH etc M&M/RIHS Amateur/4,5,6 Yr SUPREME)~~~~~Working Hunter

NCPA SPRING SPECTACULAR At Southview Equestrian Centre On Saturday 17th March 2018

Indoor Ring 2 (In Hand : Supremes Of Show)~~~~Indoor Ring 3 (Ridden)~~~~Working Hunter Classes

WILTSHIRE SPRING SHOW at West Wiltshire Equestrian Centre on Saturday 17th March 2018

Outdoor Ring 1(In-Hand:etc)~~~Outdoor Ring 2(Coloureds/SSA/RIHS-BSPA)~~~Indoor-Ring (Hunters etc)

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