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The Dangers Of Drinking and Riding

Back in the Spring, a paint horse called “Whisky” broke loose after being tied outside a bar near Lake Desolation in Saratoga County. A concerned citizen (Don’t you just love concerned citizens?) saw the horse and his jockey galloping off down the street and tried desperately to coral them. Carey grabbed Whisky, but was knocked unconscious. After 2 surgeries and now some 5 years later, his arm is still useless and he has earned the nickname of “One Armed Paper Hanger”.    2016 Horse Show Images Click here

In the Classic “He said….she neighed” counter arguments, Burton Schwab, Whisky’s owner, claims the horse is a docile creature, and has never had any complaints about the animal ever.  Stating that the horse never even jerked his heaad or made violent head movements ever, and has never knocked anyone to the ground or even stomped on them. The judge in the case has indicated that Whisky’s owner may be liable for his horses troubles and may face a lengthy jail term. (Don’t you just love American Justice and the compensation culture?)

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