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Wednesday 15th August to Sunday 19th August 2012, at Peterborough Showground.

WEDNESDAY 15th August

Main Outdoor Arena – Pre-Judging Indoors&Outdoors Fancy Dress, Concours etc.

Ring – 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Amateur Ridden Hacks, Riding Horses, Cobs, PB Arabs etc.

Ring – 2~~~~~~~~~~~~ Amateur Ridden LWT/MWT/HWT Hunters : Small Hunters

Ring – 3~~~~~~~~~~~~Amateur Ridden Piebald/Skewbald Traditionals & Non-Native

Ring – 4~~~~~~~~~~~~Amateur Ridden M&M Small:Welsh C&D:Dales,Fells,Highlands etc.

Ring – 10~~~~~~~~~~~In-Hand Home Prod. Welsh A&B,Dartmoors,Exmoors,Shetlands etc.

Ring – 11~~~~~~~~~~~In-Hand Home Prod. Welsh A&B,Dartmoors,Exmoors,Shetlands etc.

Evening Performance~~Fancy Dress/Carriages/Concours/Piebald&Skewbalds etc.

THURSDAY 16th August

Daytime Indoor~~~Novice Ridden, Open PB Welsh/Arabs,Open LWT/HWT Cobs

Main Outdoor Arena~Open Hacks : Equifest SHP/LWT/MWT/HWT Hunters/Pre-Judging

Ring – 1~~~~~~~~~~~Open Ridden Welsh A/B/C/D/Fells/Dales/Connemara/New Forest etc.

Ring – 2~~~~~~~~~~~Junior Ridden Small/Large Breeds : Novice Ridden Welsh A/B/C/D etc.

Ring – 3~~~~~~~~~~~Novice Hunters/Riding Horse/Hacks : Open Piebald/Skewbald Trad/NN

Ring – 4~~~~~~Novice Pie/Skew : Novice Cob/Maxi/Small Hunter : Open Maxi /Riding Horse

Ring – 5~~~~~~Novice SHP/Show Pony : Open Int. SHT/SRT/Show Pony : Novice Int. SHT/SRT

Ring – 6~~~~~~~~~~~Riding/Pony Club Classes : Young Handler/Best Turned Out

Ring – 7~~~~~~~~~~~Novice/Open LR/FR M&M Small Breeds/Welsh A&B/Non-Welsh

Ring – 8~~~~~~~~~~~LR FR Classes SHP/SP, Show Pony/SHP,Open Show Pony/SHP, Tiny Tots

Ring – 9~~~~~~~~~~~In-Hand RH/Hunters : Pie/Skew : Comp Horse : Hacks

Ring – 10~~~~~~~~~In-Hand RP: Cobs/Maxi Cobs, Hunters, Palomino, World Breeds, P/Breds

Ring – 11~~~~~~~~~Open M&M Small/Large Breeds, Novice M&M Small/Large Breeds, M&M

Indoor Oval ArenaThursday Evening Performance

FRIDAY 17th August

Daytime Indoor ~~~Equifest Maxi Cobs/Hacks/Small Hunter, Open Hackney, Ladies Hunter.

Main Outdoor Arena~Equifest Ridden Welsh A/B/C/D/, Conn./Highlands/Dales/Fells etc.

Ring – 1~~~~~~~~~~~Equifest PB Arabs/RH,Amateur RC RH, Pie/Skew Nat/NN/Trad.

Ring – 2~~~~~~~~~~Restricted Highlands/Dales/Fells/Welsh A&B/C/D, Dartmoors etc.

Ring – 3~~~~~~~~~~Open LWT/MWT/HWT Hunter,LWT/HWT/Maxi Cobs,Restr. Hunters

Ring – 4~~~~~~~~~Restricted/4&5&6 Yr Old – Pie/Skew,Maxi/Cobs/Hacks/RH/Hunter

Ring – 5~~~~~~~~~Restricted SP/SHP/Int.SRT/SHT,Open SHP,4,5,6 Yr Old SRT/SHT

Ring – 6~~~~~~~~~Part-Bred Arabs/PBA/Anglo Arabs, Open Int. SRT/SHT

Ring – 7~~~~~~~~~FR/LR Welsh A/B/Non-Welsh, Equifest M&M LR/FR Classes

Ring – 8~~~~~~~~LR/FR & Tiny Tots SHP/SP, Young Handler, LR/FR Native Type.

Ring – 9~~~~~~~~In-Hand RH/Cobs/Maxi/Hacks/Haflingers/PB Arabs/Comp Pony

Ring – 10~~~~~~Equifest In-Hand Welsh/A/B/C/D/Dales/Fells/Highlands/etc.

Ring – 11~~~~~~Equifest In-Hand Riding Pony, Pie/Skew,Palomino/Comp Horse etc.

Dressage Ring~~~~~~Dressage to Music

Indoor Oval ArenaFriday Evening Performance

Saturday 18th August

Daytime Indoor~~~~~Equifest Show Ponies,RSPCA Rescue In-Hand and Ridden.

Main Outdoor Arena~Equifest SRT,LWT/HWT Cob,Amateur RC Cobs,Ridden Heavy Horse

Ring – 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~Open Ridden Fells/Dales/Highlands/Welsh D/C, Classical Side-Saddle

Ring – 2~~~~~~~~~~~Equifest Junior Ridden Large/Small Breeds,Home Produced Ridden M&M

Ring – 3~~~~~~~~~~~Home Produced Small RH, LWT/MWT/HWT Hunter/Hacks/Cobs/Maxi.

Ring – 4~~~~~~~~~~~Driving Ring/Private Driving

Ring – 5~~~~~~~~~~~Home Produced SP/SHP/Interm.SHT/SRT, Home Produced Pie/Skew.

Ring – 6~~~~~Home Prod. Pure/PB Arab,Ridden Veteran,TGCA,Open Maxi/RH/Hunters/Hacks

Ring – 7~~~~~~~~~~~Pure/Part Bred ID/,Cleveland Bays/World Breeds Championships

Ring – 8~~~~~~~~~~LR/FR Classes – Home Prod M&M/SP/SHP, Non-Welsh/Small/Welsh A/B

Ring – 9~~~~~~~~~~In-Hand NF/Exmoors/Dartmoors/Shetlands/Fells/Friesians/Veterans

Ring – 10~~~~~~~~~Welsh Medal Classes/Supreme Welsh Championship

Ring – 11~~~~~~~~~~In-Hand Connemara/Dales/Highlands/Dartmoors/Miniatures/Pie/Skew

Indoor Oval Arena~~~Saturday Evening Performance

SUNDAY 19th August

Daytime Indoor~~~~~~~Saddlebreds/World Breeds/In-Hand Champs/15+ In-hand/Ridden

Main Outdoor Arena~~~Shires/Suffolks/Percherons/Heavy Horses

Ring – 5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~15+ Horse and Pony Society Classes

Ring – 6~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~15+ Horse and Pony Society Classes

Ring – 8~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In-Hand/Ridden  American Saddlebreds/World Breeds/Morgans

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